Corporate Resonsibilities



Corporate responsibility at Sterling covers a wide range of matters, including health & safety, our effects on the environment, working with responsible suppliers, investing in the communities we work in, and making our business sustainable while being innovative and ethical.

We are dedicated to delivering “smart solutions for the future of your networks, assets & infrastructures.”

In achieving this, we look to work together in encouraging organisations who work with Sterling to be:

  • Responsible and ethical - We never knowingly purchase from any suppliers who manufacture in countries where child labour is prevalent. We assess our supply chain and companies that do work on behalf of Sterling and we operate a safe, open and ethical guidance. We are continuously improving our management systems by expressing the significance of health & safety issues at board level and reporting on these issues against performance targets.
  • Investing in the community - Our employees participate in community events and we support activities through donations where employees may have a personal interest. Sterling looks to invest our time in projects that focus on training and education.
  • Providing sustainable initiatives - We look at creating initiatives that improve our environment and carbon footprint. We also provide Graduate Engineering Schemes and put our employees through apprenticeships.
  • Thinking ahead – We are quite proud that we are always thinking ahead whether that be in innovation of new technologies and solutions, establishing key relationships in engineering research or developing our workforce and its future. Furthermore we aim to develop our thinking in seeking out new markets that fit our skills and knowledge base.
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