Our Services


Our Services

Sterling is exceptional in being able to provide a set of services across an assets lifecycle on DNO and private, commercial network’s electrical assets and infrastructure. We are quite diverse and can offer these services across markets and sectors as well as geographically throughout the UK and Internationally.

We specialise in improving the performance of assets and organisations, and our specialist engineering capabilities cover consultancy, design, build, installation, maintenance and replacement of assets.

Sterling’s people are very knowledgeable and are the engineers who have actually worked on all types of energy industry issues both in the UK and overseas. Their unique experience enables the Group to understand and manage all the commercial, engineering and competitive pressures that face all modern energy companies.

In addition and uniquely the Group also has a modern training facility staffed by experienced trainers and is able to offer a wide range of training courses and support services specifically geared to the electricity power industry.

Our services are brought to you in ten distinctive ways and can be incorporated into a tailored complete solution for any of our clients if desired.

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